Special Liverys for aircraft

As these new updates have come out for Infinite Flight in the past year or two, I haven’t seen a lot of special liverys for aircraft(United Her Art Here 757s, United 738 Star Wars, etc.). I’ve seen that RFS - Real Flight Simulator has a large variety of special liverys for most of their aircraft. I wanted to get this out to the developers since I know other people who play this game love special liverys and want them for Infinite Flight.


Credit: https://www.diecastaircraftforum.com

Hey there! Take a look in #features, and put a vote to the special liveries your love to see in game!


Hey! The issue with a lot of special liveries is that the airlines wouldn’t allow IF to use them. That’s why we don’t really have them.

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Unfortunately, some aircraft like Star Wars and other Disney liveries are unable for usage because of copyright. You can check out #features and use your votes to show what you would like added to the game!

Happy Flying! ✈️

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BA Landor Wood Look Very Good on he 777-200er

Disney liveries specifically won’t be added due to copyright/trademark reasons. If other flight sim companies out there add them, they’ve either paid big bucks to get those rights or are doing so under the risk of legal action. That said, all other requests for special liveries will need to be voted on through their perspective #features topic or have a feature created for the proposed livery of choice.