Special livery on Hainan Airlines B789

Hainan airlines have some special liveries,one of them is “Kung Fu Panda”.
But because of copyright issues, the panda on this painting has been removed, leaving only the background color.


Aircraft:Boeing 787-9
Photo location:ZSPD

This is also my first photo on Jetphotos

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Dang, I never realized the panda got removed. Did they not ask for the rights before painting it? Or did their rights get revoked?


Bro that’s weeiiiiiirddd.

Maybe they’ll call it…

The Flying Mustard


I need to go to bed 😂


I think their rights get revoked

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Not really revoked, but their license expired so all of their Kung Fu 787s will be repainted (I believe they have 1 or 2 more). This will only occur once the aircraft goes through a heavy maintenance check though, so the plain liveries may be around for longer (if they survive…)


I saw this on FR24 the other day, and boy was I confused. At first I thought it was a failed new livery (lol) and then some in-development special livery that has to be used before it was done.

I was tired okay?

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