Special Livery for every Aircraft

So, there’s been many threads that request alliance liveries. So I thought of a way where there could be a special livery for every aircraft and airline. This is how it would work
So you would select your aircraft normally. For example, I choose an Americam Airlines 737-800. After you choose the airline another menu would pop up. Similar to how when you select the chosen aircrafts livery. And the menu that pops up would show what special livery is on that aircraft. Like the One World livery.

To elaborate, every aircraft that has an alliance or special livery would be added. So another example would be if you wanted to fly from LHR-JFK. I would choose British Airway’s 747. And since I know that British Airways’s 747s have the One World livery I would choose the 747, then BA, and then the One World livery would pop up after I chose that I wanted to fly in BA’s livery.


I like the idea and I have something to add to it. What if you unlocked the “One World”, “SkyTeam” and other special liveries at a certain grade? Maybe it would make people obey the rules of a “simulator” and give people a reason to get to a higher grade?


Problem is with that, not everyone has live, and also, if someone pays for a aircraft, they most likely wouldn’t want to work for certain liveries. If we do that, it would make this a game, not a simulator.


Well put, especially the fact that it would turn IF into a game instead of a simulator. I hadn’t thought of that.


I don’t like it. I think special liveries should be more of a rare thing, so only have it on a few planes and have other types of speciality liveries, not just alliance ones. If this idea were added, I feel like not as many people would fly the normal liveries. This would take the special out of speciality livery. They aren’t fun if they are on every aircraft and that’s the only few planes people would probably use.

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Agreed. They are called “special” for a reason. 😊

They should have special liveries that maybe come out for a week and then are hidden. Maybe one week an Olympic Air Brazil plane will come out for the Olympics. Another week Oneworld is on a British, an American. Sky Alliance comes out one week too. Göldbarren, like someone posted as a feature request, could be out another week. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.
There could also be where randomly once a month each individual player gets a random special plane.

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One pic per request buddy. If you wish to share more than one picture than please link them.