Special livery favourites/least favourite

You know there are some special livery’s in both real-world and IF right?

Which one is your favourite one and which one you hate most.

My favourite is really the Cathay Pacific Oneworld livery. Also the Eva Air Hello Kitty livery.

I hate the SQ50 livery actually. It makes the plane look way older.

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I hate SG50 too. I’ll get back later with more

One of my favorite special liveries is the Hobbit lively on NZ’s B77W.

I don’t like the SkyTeam livery…


Hobbit looks nice.

TBH Air NZ are masters at liverys


Oneworld AA old scheme
AA Astrojet 737-800
United Star Alliance liveries
United A320 retrojet
PIA A320 retrojet
DL 764 breast cancer awareness
Alitalia A330 Milan Expo livery
Each US Airways A319 retrojet
The future AA 738 Reno Air, TWA, AirCal retrojets
Etihad A340-600 Grand Prix
Alaska Airlines retrojet (So gorgeous)
American Airlines A321-200 US Airways retrojet

Least favorite:

Hobbit NZ 77W
Panda 77E BA
ANA 747 Pokemon
Alaska Disneyland
Alaska Salmon
Alaska Spirit of the islands

Anything with the branding for that movie “Planes”

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Qantas Retrojet (Orange Stripe) and Qantas aboriginal artwork liveries.

Icelandair B757, The special shemed one!
Swiss A340-300 Specia San Francisco livery
Edelweiss Air
Cathay looks pretty cool too!

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1.Lufthansa 747-8 retro livery
2.Simply Lufthansa
3. UNITED 787
4.Air New Zealand
5. American Airlines (New)

I love the Icelandair 757 Hekla Aurora livery! Also United (Continental globe) livery.

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I like SG50 Livery 😅😅 (Idk why I Like it but It’s very Awesome to me, Maybe because Singapore’s Golden Jubilee probably 😅) and Garuda’s Skyteam, AirAsia Taylor Swift, Lufthansa/Asiana/Singapore Star Alliance Livery,etc. Idk why I Hate Southern China Airlines, Air China, and EVA Air 😅

@HV9690 @Boeing707 Altough I don’t hate it but I Have to Accept that They need to be more Creative for Designing the SG50 Livery. 😅😊

I love the oneworld Livery of Qatar Airways

I love the Icelandair special auora livery and I also love all retro liveries especially the aer lingus one and the LOT one (seen below)

Oh god I actually like that one so much

One world livery is better than the star alliance’s except for SQ’s White star alliance livery on their 77W

PS @Boeing707 that’s a long list of aircraft hahahaha

What about the Fanhansa one. Looks unique

The “Siegerflieger” is nice too ;)

Asia airlines livery is plaun

Etihad airways isn’t plain

Have you heard of simple is beauty @Logan_Whisman

I said ASIA airlines livery is plain

Not etiahd