special livery at BFS

Here is a photo of greenspirit if it loads https://instagram.com/p/9L3tiKr-Q4/
Sorry if it doesn’t I can’t get photos to upload😞

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Nice pic!

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Thx how did you get it to upload?

You copy and paste the link into your post.

That’s what I did I copyed the li k from instagram then added it to the post

You need to put the link on a separate line,

(You would put the link here for this example)

Also I saw that plane this morning parked next to the Aer Lingus retro livery😄. (I have a photo but it is awful quality.)

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It could of been the other aircraft EI-DEO

Maybe, I couldn’t see the reg because it was 5:00AM and there was a bit of a storm.