Special liveries while plane spotting

Post photos of aircraft with special or exclusive liveries. Post the coolest and best liveries you have found during your time plane spotting!

That is what this category is all about. Posting threads of their spots. Several of “Post your ____ here” posts have been closed because there’s simply no need for them.

Another one of your posts similar to this has also been closed due to this.


Please can u keep it

It’s not up to me, it’s up to the mods. I doubt it will stay open though.

Just this once pls

Top a333 one world qantas livery
Bottom Air Asia X A333 Anaz livery

I would also like to point out that continuous disregard to forum rules with categories can get you an unofficial/official warning and or at worst suspended for a period of time. This is one of them as you can just post a topic with your special liveries that you have found. Read more here


So what will happen to me?

Just wait. The new and best mod is typing.


Thank you for your post, the pictures you already shared look great!

However, as it has been already mentioned, there are some few guidelines regarding the spotting topics. Please make sure to read this post.

Feel free to create a post that’s following those guidelines and share your pictures of the session you did there! We don’t have many rules, but it’s important that we follow the few we have 😊

All the best!