Special liveries question

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I have a question, I’m not really bothered by it or anything, but why are there not that many special liveries in if? Because the only ones that are on there are a few sky team and oneworld plus the Malaysian A350. I was just wondering why is this?

If I remember correctly, lots of liveries have copyright attached to them, for example all of the Disney liveries (hence the lack of star Wars aircraft) which prevents them from being used elsewhere.

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Ah ok that’s understandable

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I think the Malaysian A350 wasn’t a special livery, it is just how MH paints all of their A350s. I could be wrong though.

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Not quite, @anon1136337. Out of the 6 Airbus A350-900s that Malaysia Airlines received, only 3 were painted in the special scheme that we see in-game today. The other 3 boast the standard livery found throughout the rest of the fleet (with exception the A380 that has its own unique scheme).

Adding onto @Kirito_77’s explanation, here’s a post by Jason. He explains why it would be taxing on the server’s data centers if we had multitudes of colorful, special liveries.


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