Special Liveries in IF?

Isn’t a request, it’s a question: will FDS ever implement special liveries into Infinite Flight, because right now we only have the basic liveries.

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We have a few Skyteam ones, and a Star Alliance.


We also have FDS Liveries and soon an IF Livery. That’s pretty special to me

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True, but what about the really unique ones, take Emirates’s “Endangered Animals Livery” for example.


I doubt it, making liveries costs $ and special liveries arnt needed

We do have the Etihad A346 in the F1 livery.

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And the China Airlines on the 737-700.

They have the “All Blacks” Air New Zealand livery

The Air China 737-700 is a special livery too! The All Blacks 777 is now the old version of the livery, but it’s still a special one. Other than those the Etihad A340, and the alliance liveries, we could use more. Maybe the retro Lufthansa 747-8?

Qatar One World 773
SkyTeam Air France 773
Etihad F1 A346
Atlanta Falcons 717-200
Air China 737-7
ANZ All Black 773

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