Special Liveries in Houston (KIAH)

Houston (K)IAH - Special Liveries

Hello everyone. This is my first spotting topic as a regular. As you all know, Houston was bashed by flooding. I was fortunate enough to stay dry, while many of my friends and relatives were not. I have gathered some recent pictures, and some old ones, of special liveries. I hope you enjoy them!

Just A Reminder:

All of my photos are copyrighted. Please ask to use my photos!

Spotting Guide:

Here is my spotting guide. Be sure to check it out if you are wanting tips for your own aviation photography. If you are just getting started, that guide is also a great thing to read. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or PM me.

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The Photos

A320 FriendShip!

United Star Alliance 777-200ER

Star Alliance737-700 and -800ERs

Who doesn’t love in China? Air China 777-300ER

10,000th Airbus

British Airways 747-400 OneWorld

Star Alliance 757

Star Alliance Air China 777-300ER

Batman VS Superman - This aircraft has been repainted (777-300ER)

AirCal 737!

This thread will be updated constantly as I catch more specials

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you enjoyed this by liking this topic. Thanks for all the feedback. (Some of these have bad editing because they’re old - The AirCal)


Beautiful catches Jacob! Looking forward to many more amazing spotting pictures is the future. Keep up the good work.


Absolutely stunning pictures!

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Let’s be brutally honest,

The Batman VS Superman 777-300ER is the best one.


Agreed! That livery is so sick!


If only the movie was up to par with that livery lol

Haha I somehow like the fact that there will always be a Singapore Airlines photobomb, in this case for the Star Alliance Livery.

9V-SMF was a nice catch as well! Great pics!


Man…your sooo good at photography! Wow! Can’t wait to see more pics, Jacob! :)

I agree with @sniperguy135 , I love 9V-SMF’s photobomb! Anyway, Awesome pictures and keep it up!


stunning pictures there! do you make spotting video as well?

I tend to stay away from videos. I’m not a videographer…haha!

nah that’s fine, your pictures are amazing indeed.

Great shots as expected! Granted, the Batman v Superman plane is much better than the movie was… 😂

Those United Friendship shots look familiar…👀
You’re pretty lucky you got a good shot of that smiling china, my shot was trash 😂 Good pics Jacob, hopefully we catch more sunday.


Thanks matt! See ya sunday :)

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WOW! Looks like a great camera! What is it?

Canon Rebel T5. Was gonna get a T7 for christmas but my parents are getting me a dog instead…woof


Woof woof.
I think I may get a T7i for my birthday. Would you recommend this?

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YES OFC! Let me try that baby out when you get it haha

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The photo’s are very clear! I just feel so happy when I see Singapore Airlines in United territory.

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