Special Liveries, A350s, and Long-Haul Madness at Chicago O'Hare! (KORD/ORD)

Hello. This is my first spotting dump I would actually be proud to put on the internet, unlike my other ones (nervous chuckle.)

I’ve learned quite a bit since last time and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. I took all my photos with a 300mm lens, at the Schiller Park Metra Station, to the right of KORD (Chicago O’Hare.) Arrivals onto 28C.

Please, please, to anyone who has any tips, let me know anything I could improve upon in these photos; any criticism is welcome, as long as it has something to offer :) Just an FYI- I have a bunch more photos, even some from when I went spotting two days ago, (10/6/19 - lookout for that, lots of cargo) so my next spotting dump will take a while to put together. Enough chit-chat, here are the photos.

Air Bridge Cargo Boeing 747-800 Registration of VP-BBP. This is AirBridgeCargo Pharma, the part of the airline that delivers highly-sensitive medical equipment to people.

Plain Ol’ American Airlines Boeing 787-8. Registration of N800AN

ANA Boeing 777W, Registration of JA732A. This is in its TOMO DACHI support livery, note the little TOMO DACHI icon right above the right engine.

Good Ol’ Queen of the Skies- British Airways 747-400, Registration of G-CIVR.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300, Registration of B-KPL

This is Iberia’s brand-spankin’ new A350-900, which replaced the A340 in its daily service to ORD (rip). Wonderful plane non-the-less. Registration of EC-MXV

Super happy I spotted this guy! KLM in its Asia Livery, rocking a Boeing 777-200 with a registration of PH-BQF.

Wow. I almost missed this guy! Flew right over me, and I got a nice snap! LOT with their independence livery in a snazzy Boeing 787-9, with a registration of SP-LSC Polska!

Last, and certainly least, is this horrible shot of a United Star Alliance Livery 767. Man, my camera would not focus (even though my focus is manual- shhh). Happen to anyone else where you seem to just die when a special comes by?

Finally, just a small poll, it’d help a lot if you let me know which photo was your favorite, and let me know in the replies below why you chose a certain plane, as well as your notes and maybe even your least favorite photo :P

  • Photo 1 (Air Bridge Cargo)
  • Photo 2 (American)
  • Photo 3 (ANA)
  • Photo 4 (British Airways)
  • Photo 5 (Cathay Pacific)
  • Photo 6 (Iberia)
  • Photo 7 (KLM)
  • Photo 8 (LOT)
  • Photo 9 (United)

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Nice pics! Love the Iberia one


Totally! Came out the best in my opinion, nothing too fancy, nice and crisp.

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Awesome photos, It was hard to pick a favorite!

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These are awesome! Couldn’t pics my favorite between the 787 and A350. Chicago has such a variety of traffic.

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You’d best believe it! Only thing people are really strict about spotting here. Here’s a little un-edited sneak peek of one of the cool planes I just spotted :P


Cool, looking great!

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Your pics are great! I’d suggest using a wider crop and centering the aircraft but that’s about all I have in the way of critiquing.

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Thanks! I definitely need to work on cropping, still getting my head around lightroom, I’m a Photoshop guy :P

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But 1Bitttt But 1Bittttt




Absolutely stunning photos! I especially love the Iberia A350. It’s an amazing livery, and you got a great shot.

Keep em coming!

I really like how you put your name where it does not disturb the picture. Great photos, I should get out and spot again sometime.

@Will_A *casually sneaks in the Iberia A350 feature request *

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