Special KUDOS to All Controllers for KORD Today

In case you didn’t know KORD has on average 70+ arrivals every 60 minutes. Mind you there is 1-2 min separation between each aircraft to allow time for exit. It has been manned by multiple Towers, Approaches, and ground. Tons of controllers have been working very hard today to service all the planes coming in. Even though I’m a controller, I still wanted to put out there they all the controllers today have rocked it and it is great they are there. Could you imagine, trying to use unicom with 45 other aircraft on freq in the air and another 60 on the ground, wow!



This weekend was very busy compared to most weekends on the Expert Server


I have seen planes every 5 minutes for one runway into KORD in real life. Let me tell you, good job guys!

Lets not imagine that :). I am too with Adam. Hard work from the controllers today! Not sure the airport could handle this many departures / arrivals without controllers.


ORD and LHR always bring out the traffic, eh? Anyway, great work by all to accommodate exponential traffic witnessed this weekend on the expert server!

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Note to self:

Approach is way more valuable than you think.

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Here’s a short glimpse into the life of an IFATC controller today:
After KORD approach and ground closed during the most heavy times of traffic, I (IFATC-Sammy Droubi) opened KORD tower ground ATIS. Shortly after that I realized how severely I underestimated the traffic and was begging for an approach controller to open. Shortly after that, @TheInitialVirus came to my rescue and then @Adam_Macaulay joined and split north and south arrivals with virus. So far that’s 5 active frequencies.
I still couldn’t keep up with the high traffic so once again I went to the IFATC slack to plead for someone to open Chicago ground and tower so we could split it (north and south).
@Cristian_Gonzalez answered the call and we split Chicago international into north and south. We ran it like this for the remainder of my session, in totoal having 7 frequencies open to run o’hare international!
I stayed open for about 3 hours until needing a break.
Overall, this is what makes the IFATC team so great. The sheer compatibility to work together and litteraly split an airport down the middle and run it effectively.
Shoutout to my colleagues from today


It was great working with you! Terrific job!


I have to say, that sounds a little fun… Except the good pilots would have to deal with all of the ones who don’t know what they’re doing :P

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Wait what, KORD is offline, no freq open

it was a fantastic sesión. Is funny to open an airport with 7 frequencies opened (and could be more with departures frecuencies). I was a good job with you too

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I have to add that it only clouds these beautiful sessions impatient pilots, and those pilots who do not know the adequate means for contact with ATC and those who make our work impossible by overloading the radio frequencies unnecessarily

Great work by the IFATC team as always - very proud to be a controller for this great organization!

Unfortunately I was out for the day but it sounds like the IFATC did great, obviously @RTG113 wasn’t there.😜

Yes, I flew in in the CRJ2 from Milwaukee, my approach was handled well despite there being dozens of planes holding around the airport , I was able to come right in and land on 27R. Well done!

Damn I always get unlucky with atc being at the airport I’m arriving too :/

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I feel you bro

Agreed! The controllers in KORD yesterday were amazing and I certainly could not manage that amount of traffic (im not IFATC tho). It took me ages to get off the ground at 7am and land back there are 5 flights at 9pm but the traffic flow was really well managed!

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You’re right there partner. However, I’d love to see some St Marteen and USA hopping tbh, that would be a beautiful sight. Maybe even some planespotting events would awaken in IF. Who knows ;3

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Yeah the “expect delays” message pretty much went out every 20 minutes, not sure what was worse. Waiting for pushback clearance or the takeoff line. 😂
I can’t imagine if we would’ve had less runways

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