Special IF Aircraft

Hello, IFC,

I thought that IF could use a plane designed by the devs. A type of aircraft that doesn’t exist in real life but was specially designed by developers for IF. This is hard to explain, but it would be like a special plane just for IF that would have simulator as well as private liveries. What do you think?

Thank You!

Sounds interesting, but Infinite Flight pertains specifically to real life. Fictional planes are by no means going to be implemented any time soon.

@MishaCamp I know would probably like a real unicorn in IF though… 😏


Infinite Flight is a simulator, which means it simulates real life. I don’t think a plane that doesn’t exist in real life will ever be added.


But… But… The delta 787?

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That was added before Delta converted their 787 orders in the past to the A350. The Delta 787 was going to be real at the time, but it never took off.


And, the 787 exists in real life, also, it’s not a fictional plane per se.

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Hmhmhhm are you talking like IF livery?

like IF aircraft.

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Interesting. Like a custom plane and a custom livery that doesn’t exists IRL if I understand clearly. I’ll consider a vote

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Yes, a special IF plane.

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Well. I don’t see that coming in the near future but it’ll be cool to see that implemented. Nice request btw.

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How about they make proposed variants (or operators) of planes that were cancelled. Like 787-3, A380F, MD-12, transaero 747-8/A320NEO/A321/A330

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Make it like a concord sort of thing…
like this Image result for boeing hypersonic

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Two words: Death Star.

I’ll need to make a new version of this to reflect @schyllberg’s staff status.


If IF make it real, i will leave this “game”.

This is a game but at the same time this is a simulation. Please don’t cut the real life with this atraction.
Or develop a second game and try those there.

I wanted Santa ages ago well let’s just say it didn’t stay on Fetures that long. 😉

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