Special Grade 4 photos!

My best Grade 3 photos 📸

These photos are taken by me during ATC Schedules this year, when I was Grade 3 anymore.
Enjoy :)

Photos are not edited.

Landing at KATL after a LH flight from EIDW.

Landing at LLBG from HECA, the old times when MSVA existed 🥲

Taking-off from LTFM for a Long-Haul flight heading to Seattle.

Taking off from EIDW heading to LFPG with the minibus 🇫🇷

I choose these photos because it’s probably the best I have made after a flight.

Thanks you and have a good day :)


A318: am I a joke to you?


Quick question is grade 4 any different from grade 3?

Busy in egll?

its not much different, you just get to flex a green name and everyone knows you’re expirenced


Usually yes, but today no.

Every pic but 2 looks fire🔥

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If your referring to the infinite flight trackers, Green is for IFATC officers :)

Exactly, I had it and when I finally reached it I decided to take a break. Now I’m on the grind to get I need 17hrs of flight time and 15 more landings to get grade 4 once again.

ye but when in flight grade 4 is a green username


Thanks everyone for some positive comments 🙂❤️