Special flight with parallel landing in KSFO coming from Denver B777 United New

Hello guys today I would like to represent one of my best flights here.

One of the other things that can happen in San Francisco. It is not often and therefore rarely that a landing runs parallel

I would like to thank the IFATC especially the Tower for allowing me to do so😁

Now I list the Bidler and wish you a lot of fun looking at it … enjoy it 🎊

Route: Denver to San Francisco
Flight: UA257
Aircraft: B772
Server: Expert

Start in Denver

Climbe up to 36000 Feet

Just such a nice picture 😋

After a flight time of 2 hours and 10 minutes I set my flight level to 11000 feet where I was received by G-Misha.
(Dangerous approach, however, everything under control … It is deceptive, but we are at a distance 😉)

Now I got permission on 28R and got ready for landing(Parallel zur CRJ900)

Finale in San Francisco

Annnnndddd Touchdown🤩

Such a nice picture with an Emirates A380❤

Thank you for reading through. It was a very nice flight and thanks everyone.

You are welcome to discuss. I would be extremely happy to hear from you. Suggestions for improvement so that I can get better at it

Thanks a lot


Nice pictures!

Did you mean 772?

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Yes thanks i improve that

Awesome pictures! Parallel landings are always fun!

I believe the person in the CRJ9 is @DeerCrusher too, which makes it extra special!

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Yes I think so too … I saw it on Instagram which made me extremely happy.

I thank @DeerCrusher😁

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It was such a neat approach. Here are a few other pics I had taken that I do plan to post my Instagram eventually. Glad you made this topic! Hope your flight went well.


In any case, everything went smoothly. Touchdown -98 feet
A little later everything ended up in the allowed space.


Wow! That is incredibly smooth!

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Thank you I hope o landing was nice too😊👍

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