Special Event JAL at Kulon Progo (WAHI)

IFPI event flight from Denpasar (WADD) to Kulon Progo (WAHI) welcoming the newest JAL fleet Boeing 777-200ER

WADD to WAHI on Expert Server

  • Line up with background of Mount Sumbing

  • Boeing 777-200 ER approaching threshold runway 11

  • JAL Line up at gate

Keep flying! Sky is still blue…


The tails lined up were so beautiful, nice pics!

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Thankyou 😊

Sounds like an awesome event Agil! And awesome shots aswell!

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Yes it was 😁, Thankyou George !

Awesome pics! I always am a sucker to formation/groupflights pics… so nice! I can’t choose my favorite, they all have great qualities like the mountain, a landing plane, and a nice line-up.

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Thankyou! 🛬🛬🛬🍻🍻

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I like ur pics man

Thankyou! 🤩🤩🤩