Special Deals in Celebration of Global!

Hello everyone,

One of the unique things about Infinite Flight is its thriving community. In addition to this forum, there are a number of third party projects striving to provide additional experiences building on Infinite Flight. This is something we not only allow, but actively encourage.

A few of these have decided to celebrate the Global release by offering special deals for a limited time only. We highly recommend you take advantage of these offers!

In-Flight Assistant

What is it? In-Flight Assistant is an app for both iOS and Android which provides a whole new level of realism for IF flights - hear co-pilot voice callouts like “V1” or “Rotate”, GPWS callouts like “PULL UP”, or Flight Attendant announcements during your flight.

What’s the deal? For the coming week, until midnight on Tuesday, October 31st, the core app of In-Flight Assistant will be available at an amazing 40% off, and each in-app purchase - GPWS, PA (and Voice Commands on iOS) - will be available at 20% off.

Available for iOS at the App Store and for Android at the Google Play Store.


What is it? FlightCast is an aviation podcast inspired by Infinite Flight, and a staple in the Infinite Flight community. FlightCast Cafe is a members-only subscription service committed to giving fans extra content and an inside look into Infinite Flight, podcast guests, and aviation.

What is the deal? For a limited time, sign up for a FlightCast Cafe Captain subscription for the price of a crew membership for one month! That’s $1.99* for access to all FlightCast Cafe back catalog! Offer valid for one month from the date of this post. *Valid credit card required to sign up. Regular price of $5.99/month applies after first month.

Coupon Code:



Preflight IF

What is it? Preflight IF is an airport aeronautical data tool for controllers and pilots for iOS.

What is the deal? Available for free to purchase for a month!


These are some deals I can’t pass up on!


FDS and this community has been nothing but supportive. High fives all around! 🙂


Awesome deals for users, not only can enjoy Global but can also enjoy these awesome offers! Thanks alot for these, FDS, IF-A, FC, and LF 😊


These are some great deals Might have to purchase a couple!

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Feeling absolutely grateful to be a part of this community. Such lovely people.
What’s next? When are we flying to the moon?


Amazing deals! Very supportive community as @epaga said. Thank you for everything guys!

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My gosh these are some amazing deals! Especially the FlightCast deal :) I just might have to take these amazing app developers and FDS on this offer.

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I totally jumped on that LiveFlight offer, but of course the first thing Cam did was put the LiveFlight server into maintenance.

No wonder though… o_O


I never realised how much I used LiveFlight until it went into maintenance 😂


Don’t forgot VirtualHub!!! ( my favorite )


in flight assistant I really like it, but it would be top for me if the messages of the hostesses were in Spanish. ¡Pleaseeee!😍😍😍


MaxSez. Great prices and great products, produced by our people. I use them all but I always fly with “IF ASSISTANT”! Don’t leave home without it, I never do…


It’s not a deal but Infinite Tracker on android is still free :)


@ValXp I can say the same about VirtualHub


Waiting for @Luqman_Hussain to give discounts in IF passengers

Seems like I bought FlightCast Captain sub 2 days too early :/

Glad to hear the Great Deals but unfortunately for me the liveflight server are down , that mean I can’t buy a subscription using my iPhone .

Deal will be active until next Friday, hope to have this back soon… sorry!


I hope that it will be back , can wait to subscribe again.