Special Birthday Flight! @ KEWR - 092200ZAPR16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: New York Area

Airport: KEWR

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Hey everyone!
This Saturday is the birthday of a very known regular IF pilot; our very own @Benny87654321! To commemorate this unique event, we have decided to organise a very special group flight. Interested? Join us the 9th of April for a formation flight in the NYC region. We will be accompanied be an IFES escort, to make sure we’re always safe. We shall takeoff from KEWR, then fly around for a bit, and land with a wonderful sea approach at KJFK. Here is some useful information concerning the flight itself.

Departure climb VS ; 2500 ft per minute
Cruise altitude ; FL180
_Cruise speed ; 320 knots

Here is the FPL for the event, with all the waypoints listed in the first photograph (don’t worry if you don’t want to waste your time recopying the exact waypoints, search for Hisham OMAR or Swiss245 in the starting airport and copy my FPL !)

Thanks for your time and consideration, and we’re excited to see you very soon for this unique event!!!

-Hisham OMAR

Special thanks to :

Proud Sponsors: IFES - Infinite Flight Escort Services @AnnieCorp_Incindent preformatted text by 4 spaces


Will be there

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I’ll do my best to join! :)

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Here we go!
The official FPL for the event is posted! If you don’t want to recopy the waypoint information the day of the event, just search for me with the callsigns above in the description and copy my FPL. I think it’ll be easier for all of us. With that, I bid you farewell, and see you at the event!!!

-Hisham OMAR

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Bumping this up for anyone that wants to join :)

I cant be there, so happy birthday!

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Thank you Dush :)

Event starts now!! Hope to see you guys there :)

Is it possible that any free advanced controllers can come on down for us?

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@BavariaAVIATION @grxninesix @Skylines @Carson @Noroftheair @Aviationluver @JQW @Swang007 and everyone else! Are you guys available?

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Have you guys departed?

No I’m still awaiting for people who still want to come

@Henrik_B thank you being atc!! I will be waiting about another 10 min in case people still want to join if it’s ok with you

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Sounds good.

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Sorry, i’m busy. :(

Oh ok, maybe next time :)

Aaaaaj We are in Summer Time!
Just afraid 2 minutes, i had think ive missed it

@Yna and @elisua, We can plan our togheter flight here

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Im just 52 minutes late 😂😂

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we’re kinda late ;)

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Lol yeah , late. Maybe next time? I can’t now because I’m about to start a group flight in London Heathrow in 5 minutes with Thomas Cook VA

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