Special attention for A380 while taxiing at RJTT

This is the special attention for A380 while taxiing at RJTT.
Most of the apron and TWY are not available lol.
And A380 is prohibited from being operated to RJTT between 0000Z-1400Z, 2100Z-2400Z.
That’s why airlines, including even Emirates, don’t operate A380 to Tokyo/Haneda, the biggest airport in Japan.

And if you know other special attention while taxiing in an airport, lmk about it.


Oh wow did not know that


There are a lot of airports that have restricted taxiways for certain aircraft types. More than you may think. A few notable ones spring to mind like FAOR and YMML. Those airports are similar to RJTT, having pre-determined taxi routes for jumbos. You can find which taxiways are restricted in the airport diagram charts. For example, at KGRR, “Twy F north of Twy V, Twy J, between Twy F and Twy J3 and Twy G closed to aircraft over 100,000 lbs…” That’s just one of many restrictions at that airport and around the world.

Especially now since drag and taxi is available for ATC users, I’m finding it easier to enhance realism on the ATC side.


We have some restrictions for Sydney too. Not many, but some.

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