"Special Airports"

For major holidays, such as Christmas, New Years, Easter etc there should be special airports littered around the globe.

When landing at these airports you can gain xp, landings or flight time. There should be around 150 airports for each person. To stop people from cheating, everyone will have different airports or it could be a race to the airport from a specific place.

Xp, landings or flight time will increase for each airport you find. Once you find a special airport you will be notified like a violation warning, but more welcoming of course!

There could be a leaderboard on the IFC and possibly prizes for the quickest/most airports found.

This would benefit IF greatly as it can help people move away from their usual airports and find places they have never been before, all the while being rewarded for it!

Cool idea - however I sadly don’t see myself putting a vote into this.


I think this would transform Infinite Flight into a game. However i like the idea to explore the whole world with that


Maybe if this was to be offered in casual?

I still don’t think that’s a good idea. Maybe just make a general XP boost if you land at an airport you have never landed before. If that only happens once it could really help

IMO that is too easy to farm.

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Well, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Since Infinite Flight is a simulation app, not a completion or a game and be the best pilot app. Even though in a special time. Let keep the xp, landing, and flight time stay the same. Imagine a pilot from grade 1 to grade 5 in a short time. This is not a good idea, but a good idea for like events.

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Out of ~40,000 airports in the world, 150 is too easy to farm in around a week, maybe 2?