Special aircrafts (a retro MD82 and more) + sun in Valencia

Hello everyone and thank you very much for having a look at my topic, I hope you will enjoy it!
Recently I spent a great holiday in Valencia and got a few pictures I wanted to share with you.

First up is one of my favourites, a Iberia Express Bombardier CRJ1000:

After this beauty it’s time for the not so common aircrafts, beginning with two EnterAir B737s:

Finishing the topic is the promised rarity, a MD82 in retro livery (!) from Danish Air Transport (DAT):

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked it and would very much appreciate any comments you have below, thank you!


rip pole

Great pics!


Yeah, but it was a too special plane not to share it. Higher quality will resume the next time!

Thank you!

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That MD-82, is beautiful. It’s an incredible spot!

That 737 looks pretty cool, and the CRJ-1000 is great too. But the MD-82 is the star of the show, it’s awesome! I saved the MD-82 photos to my device, I’ll PM you if I use them in any way.

Check this plane out, @Bren_McDonell and @Pinecone!


It definitely is, very first one to spot for me!

Glad you liked them, feel free to send me a PM whenever you want to.

Thank you!

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Really nice shots! The lines on that retro livery make the engine tilt so much more pronounced on that MD-80.

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Thank you!

I didn’t even notice that while taking the pictures, but you’re right!

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Nice shots Julian! Love the super 80!

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Thank you! The MD82 was a big surprise, but definitely a nice on, glad you liked it!

Hello Julian!

Nice pics, Lovely livery on this MD82.



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Beautiful shots! I think I’m going to Valencia over the summer, so it’s good to know what I might see. ;)

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Thank you, Pelayo!

Thank you!

The MD82 and EnterAir were special charters to/from Hamburg, so they are not common planes there either (as far as I am aware).
The CRJ1000 is based in Valencia though.

You will enjoy your stay in Valencia though as it’s just an incredible beautiful place!

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