Special Aircraft Livery After Purchasing a Certain Amount of Live Subscriptions

Just recently I purchased my fourth yearly subscription to Infinite Flight. This got me thinking back over the past 3 years of how wonderful Infinite Flight has evolved. I’ve enjoyed flight sims since the 80’s commodore64 day’s. Of course I have more advanced sims now, I just really seem to enjoy Infinite Flight the most. Mostly because of the portable platform, but there’s so much more there to enjoy. With the passion of the community to the realism they have implemented makes it an overall enjoyable experience.
I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with this global update and with that I have one suggestion.
I would like to see something special done for those of us like myself that have been part of live from it’s beginning. Maybe offer only to those that have had 3 or more yearly subscription’s a special livery to fly. Any thoughts on that?

I think something like this has been requested before and the devs said that it would most likely never happen

Everyone should be treated equally in a community as such. Therefore, this wouldn’t be such a bright idea. Many issues can derive from this.

The feature can still be implemented though, just my two cents.


I would love this as I am there!

But… People have switched accounts (so theres no way and people will complain)


Edited title for clarity. I’m not sure that I’d like to see this. I’d be pretty sad if someone here a little longer than me got something really special that I didn’t.


Seriously dude wtf? Thats not what its about.oh i forget we have to be politically correct around here every one gets a participation ribbon.

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Calm it. People aren’t going to support your idea if you go on the offensive. We criticise ideas here, not the people behind them.


I don’t go around editing other people’s comments don’t go changing mine, that’s rude.

The title is very misleading tbh


If you like this idea, it is advisable that you vote for your own feature request.

So what I’m hearing is probably the a350 comes. And anyone who has bought a yearly subscription four times will get the a350 and not the rest of us? (I’m using a350 as a reference). This is kinda killing me from the inside TBH no offense but I’m not supporting this sorry.

But live hasn’t been out for 4 years… has it?

I changed up the title to make more sense, it is very long though, if another regular and/or mod want to shorten it up that would be great.

I like the idea, actually. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It is similar to how the 737BBJ would be unlocked when you reached 20 purchases.

Nothing wrong with showing support to loyal customers :)

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I think maybe a different color live tag will be better suited to be honest, just my two cents.

Because you’re not a regular.

Not true. I haven’t gotten mine yet.


I think we’re missing the point of the message here. The title that every one seems to be changing “my 4th yearly subscription to Infinite Flight live” is spot-on. The message here is how I am proud to have supported Infinite Flight for the past 3 years. No it hasn’t been out for 4 years but when you pay yearly you’re paying for the next year I’ve made 4 payments to date. Maybe the suggestion shouldn’t have been put in with the comment but I felt that it’s kind of tied together so there is is.
And no it’s not fair to everyone, thats by design. It’s meant to recognize those few that have been pledging their support to this program from the beginning.
Criticize me all you want that doesn’t bother me what bothers me is I think some are missing this part of the message.
Thank you all for the feedback though this is what makes things better.

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Bud, if you keep acting like this the mods will close this topic.
They edited your post to help you.
DO NOT be disrespectful here 👍

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The reason I changed the title was that ‘my 4th live subscription’ is not a feature request. Nobody is criticising you, moderators have been watching this topic and criticizing somebody is directly against the IFC regulations.

It is good that you support Infinite Flight, but people are allowed to disagree and you must accept that.


Sure, but it’s confusing. The title doesn’t explain what the feature being requested is. That’s where the mix-up here is.


Doesn’t Live+ supposed to unlock ALL Aircraft?

And what Livery/Plane would this Be?