Special Aircraft Liveries!

They’re just liveries, but it would definitely make your aircraft stand out when flying. It shouldn’t be added in the Live+ package if you want them to be really special, and in my opinion, the special liveries should only cost $1 each. This would be really cool… add em! :D

This would be a really great addition to IF, and even something for “Spotters” on YouTube to do. :)

No pictures please :)

Thanks for telling me, maybe I should’ve read that before lol…

Please no hello kitty, disney, advertisements, etc.

Special livery variations such as the WestJet Tartan, BA 744 Oneworld, the new Delta Breast Cancer 764 livery, some more of the jetBlue specials, WN specials, and B-KPB. China Airlines 744 would be great.

And of course retrojets


I’m just gonna go ahead and read this whole forum’s rules… Thanks though

I was thinking Qantas 737-800 retro livery ;)

Turkish Airlines- Borussia Dortmund
Ryanair- U Nevr Beat D Irish (painted like this for an air show in the hart of Dublin and the Euro 2012, I was there, not easy to see the difference between it and the normal livery but worth it)

Alaskan- Portland Timbers

Cathay Pacific Cargo- Hong Kong Trader
Lufthansa- Retro, Fanhansa
Boeing- Go Hawks

A320 (when it comes out)
Aer Lingus- Retro, Rugby World Cup
Easy Jet- Carrot, UNICEF
Alitalia- Jeep Renegade
Germanwings- Park Inns