Special achievement of mine

Dear community,

normally I don’t post or don’t brag over my flights or achievements, I just fly under the radar ;) but today I’ve achieved something that’s for me really special. I have reached 1M XP without any violations or reports. So I would ask, is there somebody with a clean sheet as me? ;)

Here is the proof ;)


Not me…
My first flight in training server I got the

“Speed under 250 knots under 10,000 ft or you may be reported”

I was like, nobody will report me… I didn’t realize there were system violations 🤦‍♂️


Yeah, got that message a few times or taxi speed warning too, but somehow I’ve managed to get no violations ;)

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WOW congratulations, thats a huge achievement!

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I thought that my 1M achievement was only a few weeks ago, and I just surpassed 1,111,111 million on my current flight. Sadly I didn’t realise at the time.

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Thats impressive to do without violations…congrats!

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1 million XP, wow! And with zero, 0 violations, incredible! I have about 3-ish violations, and lots of ghosts. Your stats are incredible even without the XP. But with the XP, that’s another level. Congrats!

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Definitely not me. Got my first subscription in early 2017 when I was around 10. I got so many violations as I was not used to the violations and didn’t know about them. Great achievement though!


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