Spawning With the Visible Layout

With Global came a wonderful thing: a layout of the location of spawn points so one didn’t have to guess where you would end up [except those who “know the layout of every airport and which livery parks where and OMG you just spawned in a Delta gate in a United livery”…but for us normal people].

The problem is, this has also become a curse.

I know that taxiing for a whole 30 seconds is absolutely exhausting, and you really can save yourself some time by parking that 388 smack in the center of the little GA spot near the runway. But, um, don’t.

It’s just rediculous. Taxi for a few seconds. It won’t kill you.

Besides, Realism™!, right?


Well, there are still going to be those types of “flyers”… Especially for us, depending on where you park, it might take a maximum of 20 minutes …


…and now with global we have the ability to see planes spawned at gates before you pick your gate and spawn in…planes on top of one another happens more often than you think on expert…with all these gates to choose from…why?..

  1. You’re right, of course. Wouldn’t expect anything else.

  2. What’s even more interesting, is that i still have people spawn right on top of me. Another story, but still. WHY?


Because you’re mod and people want screenshots of course sigh

This is a very good reminder for the community. Blessed will the day be when I don’t see a Boeing 767 at the GA spot at Wellington Airport.


Unfortunately, not everyone is here to recreate a realistic experience and most of the aircraft/users you see in IF aren’t actually members of the community.

It’d be cool if, when you signed up to IF - it directed you to the community to “validate” your account or something, so the IFC got more exposure. Especially since the events headlines were removed from the title screen with the update.

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Won’t get any good screenshots if you’re spawning on top of me ;)


I guess all you can say is, thank God some people are not pilots IRL.


Well what I had once was, the there wasn’t a plane marked on the gate (maybe poor internet connection), so i spawned accidentally in on top of one. But i ended the flight asap and joined on another gate. But I dont get why people do this… just to troll?

First thing I do when spawning at an unfamiliar airport is to pull out the freecam and get a mental picture of my proposed taxi route. Obviously that can change if ATC is active and they have a different runway for me than what I was expecting.

But like Seb said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people spawning on me when we have a beautiful spawn selection screen at our disposal. Should help prevent that issue, right? Oh well… ☹️


Definitely agree with you on that one the only one time I did that was when it was 3 in the morning and I was trying to get a quick flight in before bed lol don’t worry I was on training server

Now you are going to have people next to you. You have a purple tag now, good luck with that boss.

I hate when a pilot spawns on top of me and I already filed my flight plan and I am putting in fuel calculations and they are just so hesitant to leave and I end up ending my flight

I just look it up on FlightAware everytime.


Wait but how would you know it was him? You can’t see the names on the spawn page.

I’d like to see restrictions on the airport layout spawn page in the future. Example, “aircraft is too big for this parking position/gate”, or “gate already taken”


I have been known to take up to 30 minutes with simbrief, fuel, and all.

MaxSez: Oh My! I’ve been spawned on! A minor inconvenience. The solution; move a spot over! Problem solved.

(Let’s consider real goat rope problems like failure to approve intersection departures for GA & Reginal Lights like the Dash, Embraers, CRJ ect. Or use of short RWays at multi-rway fields for the preceding types)


Lol… The world sees everything differently and being spawned on isn’t a good first impression on your “realistic” flight

To me it’s the equivalent of taxiing through somebody. You know they are there. You know they are working on their FPL, fuel, etc… Get up and leave after all that pre-flight effort? Not ideally what I want to do as the person that gets spawned on to…

I agree there are bigger fish to fry, but I was trying to understand the 'Why…" I just don’t understand some people’s thought process I suppose…

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