Spawning the ANA “La” A380 Causing App Crash

Device: iPad 10th Generation & iPhone 13
Operating system: iOS 17.4 & iOS 17.4

This afternoon, I was trying to spawn at PHNL on Expert in the A380, using ANA’s “La” livery, to do some testing before I take it on a real flight.

I got everything set up, and pressed “Fly.” The moment after doing so, the app closed. I tried multiple times at different spawn points at PHNL, as well as other airports, on different servers, AND on my phone with the same result. I have no issues with any other aircraft or any other A380 livery.

Any ideas?

Hey Mort

I tried to reproduce this issue on both my Samsung Tab S6 and iPhone 11 Pro, it’s letting me spawn in just fine. Nobody else seems to have experienced this issue, I can only imagine that your download of the “La” A380 has corrupted in some way?

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If it is corrupted, what’s the solution? Should I try and delete and re download the app?

As much as that’s always a last resort, unfortunately that would be the only solution here. There’s no way to individually delete aircraft 😔

As long as you haven’t got any important replays, give that a shot, should hopefully fix the issue.

Works fine for me

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Thanks, @Dan_77 . Deleted the app and re installed. Works perfectly.

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