Spawning out or staying Spawned in

What would be the benefit of staying spawned in for multiple flights versus spawning out and in again?
Example: If I decided to fly an American A321 from JFK-ORD-LAX. Would you spawn out and back in again for leg #2, or just stay logged in and continue to LAX.
What’s your opinion?

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Stay in as long as possible

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It depends… If I want to use the device for another thing and fly again then I’ll spawn out. If I I want to fly, then I’ll spend most of the time changing the flight plan, fuel, etc, while staying in.

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If I knew I would be doing another flight immediately after and from the same gate with the same airline and everything, I’d still leave and then spawn back in so it saves it as two separate flights. This helps when looking up stats or replays.


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