Spawning near stall

Hello anytime i do a solo mode Approach for a runway the second i spawn in the aircraft stalls. so I’m not sure what to do. i try to sit up and play and calibrate it well and nothing works. so this throws me off a ILS approach. can anyone help? thanks

You have to apply speed. You will usually spawn around 120kts which is way to slow. So I recommend pushing the throttle up until you are at the appropriate speed for approach

i done that and its like too late and the plane is nose down to the ground

That seems to happen almost every time the best i can say is anticipate the pitching moment but dont try to over correct when it happens because it might result in a stall.

ok i can try that …

Immediately when you spawn push the throttle up. It should be the first thing you do. Then start your final approach

Are you at an empty weight or a max takeoff weight?

Not too much tho lol

Yes do not put it at 100%. Usually put it around 50-75% until you are around 150-70kts

I’m always light when i practice my approaches on solo mode

Then increase your throttle until you reach around 170kts and then gradually decrease speed

ok that seems to work thanks

No problem. Have a great day! I believe a mod can close this unless anyone else has any questions