Spawning into Single-Player Landing

I have a general question/comment about spawning into the landing configuration in single player mode. The main reason I am asking, or commenting, is that for some of the runways, particularly in the mountain regions, you are spawned in right in front of a mountain face.

My question is, is there just one rule for all planes (so many miles out, so many feet up) or does it vary based on plane or other factors) and/or is it configurable behind the scenes in the software for each runway?

I also noticed one (Little Hands?) where you are spawned in something like 5000 feet above the runway instead of 2500 or so. I’m not sure if the general surrounding topography throws the algorithm off.

I know you can work around this easily by flying to the airport from another one, and I’m not asking for full blown approach plates or anything, just wondering if there might be a simple coding option that might be used for this in the few cases where the standard “triangle” is most definitely not the real approach.

Or. maybe people think this is good and correct the way it is; one rule, no exceptions. Which I’d be fine with too. Just wondering.

As a quick answear, with regards to starting and you are flying into a mountain, I would suggest that is possible that happened because you selected a GPS approach rather than an ILS approach. GPS are virtual approach and could take you through obstacles whilst ILS are planned approaches, as am sure you know as you mention plate approaches!!

Regarding the spawning height, from my experience you start about 5-6 nm from threshold at about 2000 ft AGL, rather than AMSL. Hope that helps?

[quote=“David_Lockwood, post:2, topic:20704, full:true”]
you selected a GPS approach rather than an ILS approach. [/quote]
I don’t think you can select this when going into single player? It might be an interesting option to add though if it would help and be an easy enhancement.

[quote=“David_Lockwood, post:2, topic:20704, full:true”]
as am sure you know as you mention plate approaches !![/quote]
I’m not a pilot, I just play one on the sofa with an Android tablet.

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Lol, I am SLF and am a pilot only in the Flight sim sense of the word. I know about plate approaches, SID and STAR just by wanting to find out how things are done correctly. I am a deep sea Navigator by profession so like to get things right!

You can spawn on to Either an ILS or GPS approach in solo mode.

Oh, I see what you mean. Small airports, so they were probably just GPS approaches. Not the red triangles.

Underwater must have its own challenges. You must rely entirely on charts and dead reckoning rather than GPS and visual clues.

Never sailed underwater. But deep sea the navigation is very similar to the air with use of GPS, radar and visual bearings. Still use celestial navigation ( stars and sun to plot your position) however that is done more for practice than a need unless the American’s turn off the civilian GPS like they do sometimes in certain war zones. During The Second Gulf war they put a certain amount of error in to the time signals sent by satellites to receivers in the Gulf and Middle East regions and both Aviators and Navigators had to brush up on some older skills to make sure they didn’t get lost!