Spawning in Live

When I spawn in a parking in live. After a few seconds, someone would spawn in my plane. Any way to prevent this. In future updates, there might me a way to disallow people to spawn in the same parking?

Simple. Don’t spawn in the gate the simulator gives you or ask Siri to choose a letter (A) then a number (10) and then use that gate.

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I know that I could use some random generator. But sometimes some would STILL end up on top of me.

Spawn in on the last few gates. Usually people are lazy and just pick the first gate that shows up, no matter if its cargo or GA.

Select a random gate not the first gate. I usually choose a real gate.


Try to choose a random gate. On the flip side, if you spawn on a gate that’s already taken, you should exit and respawn at a different location.

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