Spawning glitch

You’re not supposed to be able to spawn into a gate with an aircraft already there, however this just happened. It was also after I had waited to spawn here as the gates were previously taken - how can someone then spawn on top of me!


This can sometimes occur if you spawn in at the exactly same time as some else that has selected that gate as their starting location.

How long where you spawned before the other aircraft spawned in, on top of you?

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Forgot to say that, i was there a good couple of minutes

That might be a bug on either your end or the other pilots end. If you give your device a good old restart it shouldn’t happen again. I had this thing happen to me twice and I did that and it hasn’t happened since.

It’s most likely a bug on the other pilots end as you managed to spawn in first while the other pilot was disconnected. Not much you can do about it unfortunately if it’s the other pilot.

This happened to me a couple of hours ago in both directions, location NTAA. I’d been sitting at my parking spot for 5 minutes, had already communicated with ATC so I was connected to the server in that sense, then someone spawned on top of me. Thought they’d despawn on realizing this, so I waited a minute, but they didn’t leave, so I disconnected.

I checked the map for a re-spawn, saw the plane that had spawned on top of me as an icon, makes sense of course, so picked another spawn point with no icon. I spawned on top of someone else! Only then did I remember a plane already being in that spot. But their plane did not show on my map, and I received no warning before spawning in. I’ll try a restart of the app as suggested…

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