Spawning at Gate errors

I have noticed a lot that when you load up, the aircraft is not positioned properly at the gate, even if the gate takes larger aircraft than what you are loading up in. This is often seeing the aircraft too far forward. I have taken a few from different airports in different regions as examples



London City (How it should be)

London City 1

London City 2

New York JFK

Heathrow (Stand 313)


Use to look up the correct parking spots for each aircraft. Sydney and London City were redone.


In some cases it is because that plane shouldn’t been at that gate due to size.

No, all of those gates should be used for aircraft of that size

London City is still off… Those aircraft should have no issue parking there…

In IF, spawn point is the point where the center of gravity of the aircraft loads in, as the distance from the CG to the gear varies between planes, its not easy to make a spawn point which behaves the same for all :D

Aka it’s really hard when editing the airports to position it correctly

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This is mainly because the current template used is that of a Commuter jet. I have been experimenting with different size outlines

(see EHAM Refurbished - Larger gates to accomodate Heavy Equipment)

Hopefully this new option will accommodate larger aircraft. We will not be able to tell until the next airport refresh which is… “unknown”.

Be thankful you now have spawn points. A lot of these airports provided were pretty basic with zero spawn points.

P.S. If you think you can do better come join us as an Airport Editor. The hours are long and the pay is amazing (we are volunteers who get paid $0.00)

Here is an example of what we are up against: Taking an existing X-Plane image here is Shanghai Airport

This is what it SHOULD look like. This gives you an appreciation of what we do for YOU!

oh wow!

I know you guys do an awful lot of work for us! Appreciate all that you do! it is not a major issue anyway

You bring up a good point though. I have experimented with some new gates, however, we have no real way of seeing how they look as we cannot test out airports. We are kind of running blind. We think we have everything but we cannot really test until these airports are released. One day we may have an editing tool which allows us to review what we just posted to verify that the end product meets its need.

As @dush19 pointed out, these aircraft all have varying lengths, so right now we have one size fits all. As I mentioned earlier we are trying out 3 different sizes

MD80- Regional Jet
Heavy Jet
Existing Commuter jet outline

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