Spawning at gate, aircraft glitches, leaves me with report, requires staff attention

So, I don’t know what it is with violations lately for me, I’ve had around 10 in the last week. Ouch. I had 0.05 landing/violation ratio. Basically I set up for a Boeing 777-300ER at gate 64 for a medium haul from CYVR to CYYZ. I spawned, and immediatly started falling below the map, at instant speeds of 400 knots plus. I got a warning and within mere milliseconds got a ghosting. This is my 2nd of the year (1st was at FNF uncontrolled EGCC.) I have asked for an afk violation to be removed, that is my fault. But this is a glitch that is entirely up to the developers hands. Please remove this since it was NOT MY FAULT AND A GLITCH. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a violation, but this is a permanent report.

Name: ECoops123 ACVA 278.
Any more info you need, message me staff.

I have the replay here: Share My Infinite Flight

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This is a known issue. If the Aircraft falls in through the map,

  • Try deleting Infinite Flight.
  • Restart your Device.
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight.
  • Go to the general settings, scroll to the bottom and tap “clear scenery cache”.

I hope these simple steps will resolve the problem. Please let me know. @Ecoops123

The next time if your aircraft starts to fall below the map, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, to avoid any further violations. Let’s hope your reports will be cleared soon with the response from your controller. Please PM the controller that ghosted you at that time. 👍


To get you’re report removed, privately message one of the moderators with your current callsign and display name, linking the replay as evidence and they’ll be able to help you out :)


It was a system ghost, for aerobatic manoeuvres within an airport. It was instant. I didnt have time to leave, and plus I immediatly opened my map, it was night at the time of flight. Once I saw the warning it was too late. It was only a couple of moment. I think it may be that gate orsomething because it was a one off.

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Do as Matt said above. If you pm a moderator and link the replay then they will happily clear it for you.


Done and waiting for reply :)


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