Spawning at a busy airport and cutting the line

So recenetly I noticed people spawning at the busiest airport at the time and choosing the closest gate possible to the departing runway, and then they just cut off other people.

Just happened to me now, was taking off from Gatwick which is currently the busiest airport on ES, and someone just spawned in close to 26L and literally cut me off forcefully even though I had a right-of-way cuz I was coming from his right.

If ATC doesn’t instruct them to give way, is there anything that can be done about this? I just don’t get it why someone would spawn at the airport with 10-15 departures waiting and then cutting the line because they’re so impatient. Spawn at a less busier airport then.

Some people just get impatient and it is stupid because they are at a busy airport. What I will say is don’t let it bother you because at the end of the day it is not that big of a deal as it is in a simulator. Happy flying!

For me, when i see people cutting in line can feel really bad not just for me, but for everyone in line. Sometimes, ATC will give give way to aircraft taxing instructions, but if the airport is busy and no instructions are given, then people will take advantage of that. I know the feeling that you have and hopefully people will learn!

Not really. We expect Air Traffic Controllers to avoid these situations, I guess they missed the case due to the high flow present.

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