Spawning 10mi from a focus airport

Please don’t spawn a few miles from a focus airport, and expect to be vectored to that focus airport! Especially when it’s busy. There are probably people in the pattern that have been flying for hours. I’m not going to push them around to make room for you. If you tried that (with me anyway), I’m going to tell you the airport is full and vector you away!

My suggestion, find an airport at least 50mi away. That will give me time to fit you in without disrupting everyone else.


Where in here do you see a feature being requested? He is asking that people not spawn into airports 10 nm away from featured airports and request vectors to the featured airport.

In addition, Gary is referring to the expert server, the server in which he is one of IF’s best controllers

Great post Gary! Thanks for bringing this up!
Stuff like those gets pretty annoying, especially during peak hours…


Dude you’re in the wrong topic for that. Gary is one of the most skilled controllers IFATC has. Don’t bring in the training server argument.


Um, I’m not sure how this is going to come off but uh… if one could be granted tenure as ATC, it would be @GHamsz. He’s not looking for help, he’s making a point, a great one I might add. A lot of people do this and it jams up traffic really bad


I’ll do the same Gary then I laugh when they keep requesting to come in 😂


However, I will throw myself under my own bus and admit I recently did this at LPMA but only because there were around 3 inbound aircraft. Ghamz was the approach controller (tail between legs emoji)

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I’m on the fence when it’s not too busy… constantly wondering if I’m reinforcing bad behavior by allowing people in when it’s not that busy. Sometimes I allow it…


Even better - last satuday i’ve seen the approach controller at LFPO send one of these jokers to do a remote holding pattern for eternity.

I know it gets annoying because during an event yesterday,take off was delayed for 25 minutes because players like this needed to land.

Those people should be ghosted since this isn’t the behaviour of people who want realism, therefore belong in the training server.

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This topic needs a bump today. I spent an hour controlling KDFW approach, and close to half of the planes I controlled took off from an airport within 10nm. What are you going to gain from it?

You want 2 mins of flight under approach control, then handed off to tower. That’s what you want.

Approach controllers are trained to handle traffic coming into the airport from far away, and we set up approaches that are meant to efficiently funnel that traffic to an airport. Taking off from next door will not get you a high quality of service, and will make everyone’s ATC experience worse. That is a fact.


I agree. I was controlling KLAX tower yesterday for about 1hr - 1hr30mins and so many planes were coming arriving from airpots 10-20nm away and it is difficult to get other planes flying in from further destinations. Seen as there was not an approach at some stages, all the planes flying in from close destinations were all connecting to my frequency. It really makes the experience worse.


The problem is the majority of those pilots doing this will never see this post because they’re not a part of the community, so this will continue to happen no matter how many times this is bumped.


Wanted to put this up there again. I’ve seen this happening numerous times in South Florida today. PLEASE don’t do this, and then if you do this, don’t complain that you were sent to the back of the line!


Well said @GHamsz, very well said


Once again, needs to be bumped. You will run the risk of receiving a 👻 if you do spawn in an airport that is right next to the busiest airport in the region. (This includes taking off from the airport and then requesting inbound right after being handed off to dep/appr)


I would just ghost them instantly. This is retrograde behaviour on the expert server. What is the point of such an unrealistic approach experience, I don’t get it.

I don’t think it’s ghostable, but I would certainly spook them by sending a warning. Why not just have some fun and depart from a controlled airport to a controlled airport?

It is ghostable if the person interferes with other traffic.

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Well I wouldn’t ghost them personally, but I guess I’ve never experienced 1000 inbounds at once with some random guy coming in from 10 miles away