Spawn with fully open ramp

This awesome new feature should be noticed right from the very beginning; the second you click “fly”!

In my opinion, when you spawn with the C-130 you should have the ramp fully opened as this makes it look a tiny bit cooler and more realistic. That way after you make your fpl you just need to put it up and your ready to taxi. Otherwise, you spawn, put it down, make your fpl, bring it up… Its just, you know , a bit more realistic with having it down from the start.


I don’t see a need for this
It takes about 15 seconds to bring the ramp down


Who cares? Just bring it down if you want it down


i care. plus, not every feature request has to have a big impact on the game.


You wouldn’t always have to take the ramp down before taxiing. And also that would be unrealistic, as you would never leave the ramp open C&D.


how much do you think the feature is going to get used if it’s not down from the start?

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A lot, honestly :)


i gotta disagree with that point ;) maybe now, but look down the road.

don’t get me wrong, i love this feature, i’m just finding a way to make the full experience better.

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What about people who don’t want it to be down? Then they have to wait 15 seconds before taxiing.


and what about the people that want it down, then they have to wait 30 seconds before taxiing.

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So you want to put it down, just to put it up again? Umm… Okay, have fun with that


i want to put it down, so it stays down while the person is creating their fpl… read and understand before commenting like that. <-- Have fun with that ;)

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I got to agree with you…


Don’t see a need for what you just said my man! It doesn’t take any time to open the ramp…


Don’t you think it looks a bit weird, bringing it down, then 1 min later bringing it up again?

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Everyone has their opinions! I’m not criticizing or anything! Blue Skies pal!


never said you were ;) good day!

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I usually just fly it instead of playing with the ramp.


Who cares? If you want to waste time playing with the ramp, knock yourself out. I wish that people would stop whining and complaining every time an update comes out. Be grateful for whatever you get. Geez!
I swear I’ve never seen a bigger group of whiners and cry-babies than what I’ve seen here in IF.

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The person who created the post cares… if you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say. Its a feature request, which I particularly don’t see the value - but… it’s a feature request, maybe other people care. You should be more respectful to your fellow community members.