Spawn on STAR

In the 20.1 update we received SID/STARs. It would be nice if you were able to spawn at the end of the STAR. Because each STAR has altitude requirements, you would spawn in at the given altitude. This feature would allow for the practicing of more of the approach, including getting established on the ILS.

Similarly to the current ability to spawn on final, this would only be available on solo.

You’ve got my vote! I’ve always wanted to fly an established approach instead of using the “runway 18 approach”

yes, i’ve spawned in a mountain many, many times.


I didn’t think about that. You could actually practice flying into a place like Lukla.


yes, that is why this would be so cool!


I agree with everyone else! You have my vote!

Great feature - you’ve got my vote! Especially since, STARs include altitude adjustments, practicing the exact approach before doing it on the expert server (especially because of how new it is to IF and to most pilots in IF) would be very helpful.

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And you could land at Kai Tak without having to climb and swerve away from any mountains.


That would be cool. Let’s be real: most approaches, if any, aren’t 10 nautical miles on perfect final with the runway. Like most approaches have the planes still banking when they are at 500 ft. That would be cool to practice. Unfortunately I don’t have votes, but I fully support this.

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I would vote for it. I don’t really enjoy putting my gear down 10+ miles out, I’d prefer a more realistic approach. But when I fly alone or when ATC isn’t present, I already use charts to fly SIDS/STARS. Adds a nice edge to the game.

Somewhat Unrelated:


I also use 1-800-WX-BRIEF online to get an official brief and use ForeFlight to plan my routes, access charts, etc.

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While this would be cool, ATC would be overwhelmed with people spawning in for approaches to active airports. Part of what spreads it out a bit is everyone’s flight is a different length so if people could spawn in towards the end of a flight the airports would have far more arrivals



Did not read that part, my bad. Just imagine I was never here 😂👀


You got my vote ! We need this

Cleared a vote for this! So smart!
Cign :D

I can understand that this would be nice to have especially because the approach is the most fun part of the flight. However, goodluck to the radar controllers who have to deal with 20 aircraft spawning at the same location.

You got my vote!
I really think this would be an awesome idea since we can only do short final, which is super close and final. Spawning in onto an STAR would mean we could also do awesome approaches without spawning into mountains.

It would only be for solo.


Not sure, but I think that not necessarily every waypoint has an altitude restriction on every STAR. Some will have a restriction at every, some, only on a few. Nice ifea though, this would be very useful instead of spawning in on extremely short final or 5nm away at lower than final approach speed where you instantly start stalling sometimes.

Every waypoint doesn’t need an altitude restriction. Just the first one so you can spawn at the correct height.

Oh, okay, but does that first one always have a restriction. I am just starting to learn IFR procedures so don’t know 😐