Spawn On me While Parking

I was on a flight From LAX to Sydney and this really ruined my flight but as I park in the gate an American 787-9 spawns in me right as I put my brakes on to stop the plane, I thought they added this feature where if your spawned at a gate no one else can spawn there unless u leave or isn’t in that vicinity not only this but this person also backed up and hit a plane next to me I just don’t understand how he didn’t get ghosted

I think the devs mentioned something about a super rare occurrence whare if you spawn in at the same time this may happen, could that be it?

This happened to me a couple times yes it might be that but also shouldn’t this person have see me in the gate he selected before he pressed “fly”

We’re you already there when he appeared?

Yes I was I was in the gate

Well adding to what @KPIT said it could have been that you did not have a secure connection to the server so another plane could spawn on top of you.


Was this in Expert server?
Regarding getting him ghosted, the system doesn’t ghost for taxiing through a person, and if there wasn’t IFATC there, there was no way to ghost him unfortunately.
If this was Training server, this happens all the time in busy airports, pilots are there to learn so they only get ghosted if they are trolling.

It’s an honest mistake. The new gate occupation feature isn’t perfect by any means. The gate map does show planes but I don’t think it is updated in real time, and it also isn’t very accurate.

Just leave it be and continue along your way. This has happened to many of us. It’s a minor frustration and annoyance.

You were parking at the gate. It’s designed to tell the server that an aircraft has already spawned there and still occupies it. I’m not sure if it works that way as you pull into the gate, unless you happened to be on the exact spawn point, and even then I’m not sure if I’d expect it to work, assuming you were indeed able to hit it dead-on.

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No this was Expert and there was IFATC

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