Spawn on eachother

Im sure everyone experienced this at least once when someone spawns on u vice versa. But this happening too often to me now. This game wont let me spawn at a gate that is empty sometimes but a random player could spawn on top me 5/10 flights and its really annoying can this not be fixed or being worked on atm?

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Well, technically this shouldn’t happen unless you both spawn at the same time. So that’s what’s most likely happening here. Not sure what else could be causing this.


It can be ten minutes after i spawn

If another players aircraft wings overlap at a nearby gate and into your gate your trying to spawn into you won’t be able to, I’ve had this.

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Some things that can cause this issue is if you exit the app to copy a flight plan or to do anything, you will disconnect from the server as if you ended your flight. This will allow your gate to be opened. When you come back, you would’ve respawned.

As for not being able to spawn into empty gates, if any part of another aircraft is in the space you need to spawn, you can spawn. That means that you can’t spawn in if even your wing will clip another aircraft 5 gates over


Unfortunately, it’s more luck of the draw than anything. If indeed it happens to you, be the bigger person and find another gate. Although it may be frustrating we must set the example for the expert server.


I always leave but i wish i dont have to :)

The most logical solution is most likely to spawn away from the crowds. With hubs in particular, people like spawning near two things: each other or the active runway. Pick your poison.

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This has happened to me a few times. It usually happens when you exit the app for some reason or you are disconnected from the server. As Drummer said it would be as you have ended your flight. It is really just luck that someone happens to spawn at the same time as you :D

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Here’s what I do to avoid that, before I spawn in, I create my plan and do anything that I need to set up for the flight on the device that I’m using, which is my iPad.

After that, I will copy the flight plan but send any page that I need to see from my iPad to my iPhone. That way I can view the required tools without having to exit the flight. This works wonders for me and the issue has decreased.

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