Spawn on arrival and approch

**Why we need this**

So as most of you know you know you can do a real quick landing but spawning on final. But say… what if that airport is surrounded but mountains. And you want to do a hard approach such as paro. If you want to do a 15 approach you can’t. If spawns you in a mountain l. In order to do this you would have to spawn on 33. And take 10 min to fly over to alone with the approach.

**My Idea**

So my idea is that why have another spawn that is at the start of every star at the airport. It will look like a normal spawn mark. You will also only be able to see them if you click on the airport. And it’s just like a normal flight but you are in solo and descending in to that airport but from that start of the star. So we can do those hard and Beautiful approaches properly.

You will still be able to do the normal final spawn.
I really hope this doesn’t get closed m. All my other requests in this topic get close let’s make this one a first. And maybe even in to the sim.

Yes. It is important to have a realistic approach

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I don’t get this? Would it be on the live servers?

No. I don’t think so.

I think he is saying solo

We already have this on solo though. You can spawn in on final. But not the STAR

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could this be what you’re searching for?

No I said solo if you read it



It’s already in solo…

No it’s not

ok, it is tho. Chris will handle this :)

What? For example, if you in Kai tak, you will go straight in

Yes, it is.

You can not spawn on a star in solo

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Yup you are correct

That’s spawn on final is anyone reading what I wrote. I mean form the start of the star

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Chris will handle this. Thx (also that’s not what I said :)

The OP was asking about the feature request to spawn on a STAR. not on short final as currently in solo. There is an existing feature request for this item.