Spawn on approach in Casual server

the CS is fun because you can just fool around

But it needs to be more Casual
So, it would be nice to be able to spawn right on the runway, and approach
You guys took away gate restrictions, now we need this

What do you think?

Why not just use solo?


Adding on to what @Alec said, this would just make casual even more ya know cant say the word. This isn’t a good idea and will likely not be implemented, because even though it’s a “Casual” Server should still semi replicate expert server.
And nobody needs this… As said by Alec there’s solo for a reason and that’s one of them, spawning on approach


I think it is this way so people don’t get an insane amount of landings super easily.


There are other better and way more efficient ways than that đź‘€

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This is more than likely 100% the reason why, and also why landings in solo aren’t counted.

Because it is more fun to be online

I am aware landings in solo aren’t counted. I meant this is why it is only in solo mode.

Hi there. This isn’t something we would consider right now, sorry!