(SPAWN NOW) FlyBe Virtual - Gateway To Glasgow - @ EGLC - 180900ZFEB18 (More Gates Just Opened)

Server: Expert

Region: United Kingdom

Airport: London City (EGLC)

Time: 0900Z

NOTAM: Fly either the Dash 8 Q400 or the Embraer 195. As this follows the IFATC schedule, please be sure to follow all ATC instructions where possible. We will fly from EGLC, one of the most unique airports in the world, to Glasgow, Scotland. Request a gate below!

Our Gates

Gate 01 - @Declan_Lyall_O_Regan
Gate 02 - @SlimeFlyer
Gate 03 - @athkioontheweb
Gate 04 - @NationofAviation
Gate 05 - @CS_Aus_TB20GT
Gate 06 - @speedbirdheavy
Gate 07 - @AnsettAviatior
Gate 08 - @Matthew_Rush
Gate 09 - @Nidhish_Kataria
Gate 10 - @Miguel_Ortiz
Gate 12 - @Harun_Koyuncu
Gate 13 -
Gate 14 -
Gate 21 -
Gate 22 -
Gate 23 -
Gate 24 -
More gates available if needed.


EGLC T&G: @skotshi

Flight Plan:

Flight plan will be created on the day of the event based on weather conditions. Copy from me (BE001) before commencing flight.

Estimated flight time: 1 hour 2 minutes.

Cruising Altitude: FL240
Cruising Speed: 250kts

Main Thread: Our Official Thread

Join Us: Apply Here

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If you are interested in being ATC for this event please let me know below, and I will get back to you ASAP!

Do we have to be a member of fly be virtual to go to this event?

I will probably come but I might not because it’s quite early. I’ll have a gate though! (Also im in the VA)

No you don’t, would you like a gate though @athkioontheweb?

Sure thing, Gate 02 is yours. Hopefully you can make it.

Yes please. I’m guessing it is 0900Z tommorow

Sure thing, Gate 03 is yours. BTW it is not tomorrow. It is on the 18th of Feb at 9 am GMT time.

Ok cool I’ll be there gate 3

Sure thing, can’t wait to see you there.

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If you are part of FlyBe Virtual Airlines, please use your call-sign. Hope to see you all there!

I’ll take a gate please. :)

Not a problem, Gate 04 is yours. See you there mate :)

Anyone that participates in this event and then becomes a pilot at FlyBe Virtual Airlines will get an extra 5 hours of flight time added to their first log to get you that one step closer to the next rank!

I would have came, but 9am I would be sitting in college doing invoices so…

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What timezone are you in? GMT?

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Yeah bud GMT


Just realised your from Scotland @Luke_Kelly . My home town is Kilmarnock, if you have heard of it.

Also if you where interested you could apply here.

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Nah bud I’m already in a VA, I can’t do too much haha. Yeah I know where it is. I live outside Stirling!

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Oh right, not a problem. Haha! Cool to meet someone from Scotland on here.

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