(SPAWN IN) The Orchid City Flyout @ KPBI - 192030ZJAN19

Let’s Fill up West Palm Beach!

Why West Palm Beach International?

West Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI) is currently the most growing airport in Florida of the United States. It is a great alternative to Fort Lauderdale which is a easy 30 minute drive south. West Palm Beach used to be “only for the rich” but has quickly changed that name to a family friendly must- go vacation hotspot. With miles of beautiful beaches, tons of packed waterparks, and a downtown packed with attractions, who would want to miss out on the fun? The airports serves as a focus city for JetBlue and Delta Air Lines. And with international travel growing to a record high, PBI is making a huge statement on the Floridan Southeast.

Event Information

Date and Time of Event: January 19, 2019 7:30 PM

Server: Expert

Airport: KPBI

About this Event

This event is a Flyout style event. This means you will not be flying on an established route. Instead, you will chose a gate and with a pre-selected destination. If you wish to change the destination, please just ask!

Please Note

  • As this will be a big flyout event, please act professional and be realistic. This means no cutting in line, Spamming KPBI Unicom, and taxing dangerously close to another aircraft. You do not want to ruin other pilots experience and fun, do you?

  • You will be responsible for your own flight plan and fuel. Feel free to check out #tutorials if you need any help with any of these. I recommend using fpltoif.com for creating a professional flight plan.

  • To request one of the hundred gates available, just reply with the gate you would like and destination. If you can’t find the destination you are looking for, just simply reply with what gate you want and the destination. Please remember it must be a real destination out of Palm Beach.

Commercial Gates

Concourse B
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
B1 @Kevinsoto1502 Southwest KATL B737
B2 @QFA_12 United KIAH B739
B3 @Luke_Sta Southwest KISP B737
B4 @metro United KDEN B739
B5 @Plane-Train-TV Southwest KBWI B737
B6 @757fan United KEWR B739
B7 @Flying_Ryan Sun Country KMSP B738
B8 Air Canada CYYZ A320
B9 @Patrick_Gallagher American KDFW B738
B10 @Jeffrey_Owens American KPHL A321
B11 American KCLT A321
B12 American KORD B738
B14 American KDCA A320
Concourse C
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
C1 @Matthew_20204 Delta KATL A321
C2 Delta KDTW A319
C3 @Dylan_M Delta KLGA A319
C4 @ClarenceTheAvgeek Delta KMSP B739
C5 Delta KJFK B738
C6 Spirit KORD A321
C7 @TenMileJones Frontier KTTN A320
C8 Spirit KACY A320
C9 @Tucker_Ryan Frontier KSTL A320
C10 JetBlue KBOS A320
C11 Frontier KRDU A319
C12 JetBlue KBDL A320
C14 JetBlue KHPN E190
C15 @IF_Aviation1 JetBlue KDCA E190
C16 JetBlue KJFK A321

Cargo and General Aviation

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
UPS 1 @savavalentin86 FedEx KMEM MD11
UPS 2 @Playr_Mar UPS KSDF MD11
UPS 3 @Aviation-21 UPD KIND MD11
General Aviation
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Hangar SW 1
Hangar SW 2
Alerion Aviation 1
Alerion Aviation 2
Alerion Aviation 3
GAMA Aviation 1
GAMA Aviation 2
GA 1 @BadPlane
GA 2 @EchoMikeIndia
GA 3
GA 4
GA 5
GA 6
GA 7
Atlantic Aviation 1
Atlantic Aviation 2
Atlantic Aviation 3
Atlantic Aviation 4
Jet Aviation 1
Jet Aviation 2

A Couple Reminders

  • On the day of the event, I will announce takeoff runways and departure procedures for your reference

  • Please be courteous to others. Don’t be the inpatient pilot who cant wait 3 minutes because another aircraft has pushed behind you

  • Please try to spawn 15-20 minutes before the event time so we can take amazing pictures

  • Remember this date: January 19, 2019 7:30 PM

If you have any questions about this event, please don’t hesitate to ask below of send me a Private Message. I will try to answer as soon as I can. I cant wait to see everyone fill up KPBI!

Photo Sources

Top Photo: https://cmgpbphistoricalpalmbeach.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/airportaerial.jpg
Bottom Photo: http://www.pbia.org/guide/terminal-map/

I have been given permission by @VAnuj to use this format. Thank you!


I’ll take gate C1

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Awesome event as always! I will take gate… you know the rest.

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I’ll take JetBlue to DCA


I will take this gate. See you there!


I’d like gate C7 please!


Can I get GA 1 with a TBM930 flying to KJKA? Callsign “HiFlyer”


Southwest to Long Island please :)


Sign me up for Ga1, A10 if update is out by then, C750 otherwise


To Miami

Hate 10 chatracter limit


Actually C130J-30


@Plane-Train-TV have you forgotten to sign people up?

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Southwest to Long Island please :)

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Sir, you gave me the incorrect gate. I would like Gate C3. Thanks!

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There is no A10


That gate is not available anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience


oh roger thanks


Would you like another gate


for a southwest flight? Or a different airline?


I may change gate B1 to Southwest if the original flight gets no attention