[Spawn in! 23 attending!] The Dallas-Love Flyout! @ KDAL - 141800ZJUL19

Hey everyone! Welcome to another event of mine! Today we will fill up Dallas Love Field!

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Dallas Love was the winner of my next event poll and is also the headquarters of my favorite airline, Southwest. It’s also very overshadowed by KDFW, and DAL needs more attention. So let’s bring it with more people than it can be filled with!

Event details:

Airport: KDAL
Region: Texas
Server: Expert
Time: 2019-07-14T18:00:00Z
Spawn in at least 10 minutes prior to the event start.
Use Unicom or ATC respectfully.
This is not a set route event, so you need to plan your own flight. I highly recommend (as usual) fpltoif.com to make your plan.
Have fun!


Here are the gates for the event. I can change routes and aircraft as long as you can verify that the route exists.

Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User
1 KMEM Southwest 737-700 @HadenJohnson
2 KOKC Southwest 737-700 @Matthew_20204
3 KAUS Southwest 737-700 @Suhas
4 KMSP Southwest 737-700 @FlyAndCrash
5 KTPA Southwest 737-800 @Dylan_M
6 KAUS Southwest 737-800 @BadPlane
7 KMDW Southwest 737-700 @texasaviation
8 KSJC Southwest 737-800 @GlobalFlyer1
9 KLAS Southwest 737-700 @Reid_Hickson
10 KSJC Southwest 737-700 @BigBert10
11 KLAX Alaska E175 (Generic)
12 KDEN Southwest 737-700 @Luke_Sta
13 KSEA Alaska 737-900 @Tucker_Ryan
14 KPHX Southwest 737-700 @Plane-Train-TV
15 KATL Delta A319 @TRDubh
16 KBWI Southwest 737-800 @alfnat
17 KLGA Southwest 737-700 @den.aviation
18 KSAT Southwest 737-700 @Airwolf
19 KPBI Southwest 737-700 @Altaria55
20 KLAS Southwest 737-800 @CAKnights09
GA ramps/stands
Stand Destination Airline Aircraft User
Jet Aviation 1 Any Corporate/GA Corporate/GA @N2628P
Business Aviation 1 KSMF Corporate/GA Corporate/GA @Nathen_Magana
Signature 1 KCNO GA TBM9 @TheFlyingGuy1

More Gates will be added if needed.

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I hope to see you all in Dallas :)


Yes! One of my home airports! Finally! I know this airport SO well. I could walk around it blind.

I’ll take Gate 19!

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I’ll take gate 15. Delta A319 to KATL.

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Gate 3 please!!

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I’ll take gate 2

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Gate 16 please

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@Suhas, @Altaria55, @Matthew_20204, @TRDubh, and @alfnat, you’ve been added. See You all there!

Hey can I have any southwest gate to San Antonio. They operate a 737-700 on that route

Can I have a southwest-800 too kaus

You both have been added. See you then!

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I’ll take gate 7 to KMDW. Excited!

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It’s yours. See ya then!

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Can I have a gate for an A380 to Dallas Fort Worth? I’m kidding. Can I have a gate for a SWA 737 to MSP


I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose and I’ll decide between the 737 and 738 the day of the event! See you there!

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@FlyAndCrash and @GlobalFlyer1, you’ve been added, see ya then!

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Could I take a SWA Gate 14?

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It’s yours. Enjoy your flight to Phoenix :)

tiny Bump :)

I’ll take business aviation 1. I’ll do a private aircraft up to silicon valley or something.

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I will join the event and I live near KDAL