Spawn heavier aircraft than parking restrict on Expert Server

I just found a bug in Infinite Flight.

We all know we can’t spawn in with aircraft which is larger than Parking restrict on Expert Server. Today I was training my landing on ZUNZ with A330 (It’s not allowed IRL and on TS/ES) Later, I wanted to fly online and found that it shows ZUNZ Departure and I spawn in directly without touching anything. And I succeed, these are the screenshots


uhhh i think that IF can let the aircraft that has a bigger type rating that what the gate can actually allow
but wait, i will find a post


did this clear your question?

Or did i get the question wrong?

Emm… A380 can spawn in as well :/

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I dont know sorry


I actually was hoping for the opposite.

With sport charters kicking off in the US, you will often find heavies as large as a 747-400 parking at FBOs of airports that usually receive nothing larger than a CRJ, like KSBN

It’s likely the airport has yet to be reworked and the parking positions made accurate.

Emm… seems yes, just checked IFAET github and this has been re-worked, thanks everyone