Spawn Gates Not Loading

I’ve been having some trouble recently with the spawn gates loading at nearly every airport. I have tried reinstalling Infinite Flight but that did nothing. This problem started about 1 month ago and it seems to just be getting worse over time.

How strong is your internet connection and is this on cellular or WiFi? It appears that the data is not loading fully for you since the gates are missing and the land boundaries aren’t visible.

My wifi connection is reletively weak.

Okay, is there a chance that you could reboot your router and move closer to it for a stronger signal?

I’ve rebooted it many times but it has no impact and it is difficult to move closer but the router is only downstairs in my house. My setup is in my room and I can’t exactly move it. I also can’t move the router as then, the rest of the house will have a weak wifi connection.

Unfortunately, without moving closer to the router for more signal strength, there really isn’t much more advice that we can offer. Since Infinite Flight relies on a strong and stable internet connection you’ll likely encounter this issue again and again.

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