Spawn crash at LFNA

Hello, I would want to indicate a problem when I spauwn on the airfield of Tallard ( LFNA). When we choose a parking for spauwn on the ground, the plane crash automatically and it is impossible to counter it. It’s a pity because I flight often in the region, especially as it is the aerodrome of my city in really life, it is a real pity. Is it possible to make anything? Thank you in advance for your answers.

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did you try exiting the app and then spawning back in?

Make sure you spawn on another airport, see if it works and the spawn again at LFNA

This is most likely an airport editing issue, as I can confirm this has happened on my end.

The parking spot seems to be outside the airport boundary itself, which is raised to a higher level than the surrounding ground

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Yes but it’s a bug of the game I think, you can try if you want. You take the only gate who is able at the airfield and spawn and you will see.

Yep, I tried it myself. Probably the issue is similar to what Nate mentioned above. I think, someone else created a topic for the same airport too, not so sure tho…🤔

Thanks for checking @Nate_Schneller

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Hello, I’m sure this has happened to most of us here, if the restart dint work:

  • Re-Download Infinite Flight

Read above please. It’s an airport editing issue 👆🏻


So does it happen to only that parking?

Yes. It’s outside the airport boundary.
Edit: it’s the only parking spot in live servers that is

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Yes thanks for checking guys but the problem is this airfield is very small and I think this is not their priority right now for editing it.


This is not an airport editing issue as it hasn’t been edited yet!
Thanks for your understanding!

I checked on github, no Issue is there.
The airport editing team won’t do anything here, except a kind editor will decide to edit this airport

@Cpt.Paul look here if you want to edit the airport