Spawn Anywhere (Solo)

Now that you can fly anywhere in the world, it would make sense to be able to spawn anywhere in the world, especially for sightseeing, or pictures it may not be convenient to spawn on an Approach or runway. I see this working somthing like this: you select a point on the globe, then select an altitude on a slider at the side, this would contain altitudes rainging for 1K to 50K say, and you would then select an aircraft and fly from that point. You would also be able to imput geographic cordnits, (——N ——S, etc. you know what I mean). So if say you wanted to take pictures of Mount Everest the only close airports could not handle a large aircraft, so instead of flying hours on one photo shoot you could simply spawn next to Mt. Everest, and photograph away. Of course this would only be for solo, but would make it much easier to explore underrated parts of the world!

Sure! I’ll spawn 1k feet off the tip of the Himilayays can call it day :). In all seriousness, I would think this be needed to be more thought out. I can see where your going with this.


Ya there would need to be some restrictions, such as ground level at that point, but I think it would be a great addition…

I like the idea, I’m out of votes tho :/ But it would be cool to fly around and not have to spawn at an airport like Lukla near Mt. Everest which doesn’t support large aircrafts, plus, it would be like a 15 minute flight to finally reach the area…

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Voted! Seems like a brilliant idea for solo mode. Removes the need for the hassle of flying for hours just to get to where you want. Also makes it easier to find geographical locations (for example Mount Everest, which is part of the Himalayan mountain regions and I have no idea how it looks like on IF because every mountain there looks the same)

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Thanks for the support!
Hope more people see this…

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