Spatial Disorientation (and how to avoid it)

Spatial Disorientation occurs mainly in very poor visibility IFR conditions. It is a phenomenon that occurs in when you cannot see anything around the exterior of your aircraft. For example, you may be flying at a 30 degree angle to the right, but your brain is unable to confirm that and tells you that you are going straight and level. You could be in a stall, and not even know it. You would fall to the ground unknowing of your soon demise.

This is were Infinite Flight comes in. I want you to spawn into Sacramento Executive Airport in the Cessna Caravan. Make sure you are on solo. Go into the weather, and set the visibility to 100 meters. Takeoff from the airport and your goal is to complete a pattern around the airport. Land successful on the same runway you took off from.


Do NOT exceed 1000 feet MSL.
Do NOT use the HUD. This defeats the whole purpose.
You are allowed to use the map, but you don’t have to.

Comment if you can complete this feat.

How do I avoid this?

As you may have seen in your flight, the results of flying without A/P through extreme IFR conditions are often fatal. To avoid this phenomenon, you could:

  • Check the airport weather before you’re flight. Also check the weather along your route as you do not want to be caught off guard.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment. This includes IFR certifications (for real world). You could ask yourself before a flight, “Am I IFR certified?”, “Do I have a functional autopilot?”. Autopilot is not necessary for IFR, but a resource is a resource.
  • Don’t be forced to fly. Even if you are trying to get somewhere immediately, ask your self, “Is getting to my destination worth risking my life?”

Please don’t use this for training if any kind as I am not a certified instructor or teacher of any kind.

Thank you for reading this topic, and safe flying in the future!


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