Sparks for minor collisions

The only request for this is very old so I am making a new one.
This is NOT the same as crashes.

For minor collisions such as tail strikes or engine hitting the ground, or landing without landing gear, instead of just saying “CRASH!” like for all other crashes, sparks should appear, maybe with some smoke. This means that if people accidentally had a minor collision or did a bad landing, they can still continue playing instead of forcing them to end their game. It would only happen during minor collisions with a low vertical speed, or if only one part of the aircraft impacted the ground. This means that big crashes would not be mistaken for minor collisions.

This will become much more feasible with project metal once clouds are added, and I think it is quite similar to landing smoke which they said they were planning on adding in the future.

As much as I like this request for the sake of realism, we need to remember that we are a flight simulator, not a crash simulator. Not to mention that this feature might be seen as somewhat unnecessary given we have plenty of more important things to work on (A330, clouds, buildings etc) before the minor details like these are added.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this idea, and I feel that adding this to IF would help bring its game up with the attention to smaller details, but I feel that for now it isn’t necessary compared to plenty of other features in the pipelines.


I don’t have a problem with gear up landings causing a crash (Not crashing would just cause more ghosts on expert)

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The should make tailstriks less likely to cause a crash imo… I haven’t done it but I remember seeing a tailstrike crash on swiss001

yes but if you think its a good thing but a lower priority you may as well vote if you like it, we already know what the devs are working on so save your votes for new features which they have not started working on

But this isn’t meant for crash. Animations. This is just meant if anyone does a The striker hit the engine. This happens quite often and isn’t frequently done on purpose. So a normal topic for the actual trash animations that would be valid but in this one it is not. Also this will be a good way to tell when you got a tail or Engine strike or not.

This is covered in collision detection feature requests.