Spanish Holiday

Today I decided to test out the 757 in Europe for the first time, with a 2hr flight from Birmingham to Malaga costa del sol, a popular holiday destination
Airline and Model- Tui airways 757-200
Route- Birmingham - Malaga
Flight time-02:40
Server- Expert
1)Parked at gate at Birmingham, running flight checks!

2)Taxing to runway 15 with another tui 757 in the background

3)Rotating out into the British sun!

4)Leaving the English coast, crossing the English Channel into France

5)Cruising above France at 28,000ft!

6) Wingshot above the country of our arrival, Spain!

7) Descending into Malaga for the rwy 13 ILS approach!

8) On final at rwy 13 at Malaga costa del sol!

9) Butttteerrrrrrrrrr!! :)

10) Parking at terminal 3 at Malaga(yes I know I have said ‘Malaga like 10 times already :))

Thanks everyone for reading, If u find anything wrong with it, let me know please I ll really appreciate it. Hope u enjoy my first ever #screenshots-and-videos topic!


Really nice shots! :)

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Nice! For your first topic it was really good!

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Nice shots:)

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Amazing shots! I love this livery a lot! :)

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Nice photos :)